Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blame the ever-elusive "They"....

This afternoon I was forced to suffer through a fearmongering rant about the ever-elusive "THEY" that are going to take our businesses, guns, etc. at the Post Office.

I really ONLY wanted to buy stamps, but this old redneck was tying up the line in front of me with his ignorant tirade. It took all I had to bite my tongue and just get my stamps. The postmaster, realizing that I was not enjoying this conversation unlike the other guy in the Hoveround with the NRA stickers all over it, went ahead and took my money for the stamps out of turn and sent me on my way. I nearly headed back in to...enlighten them with a silver tongue...when I heard the Hoveround guy say, "He's got one a 'em there Obamanation stickers in his car!", but I decided that an intellectual argument from a guy with a fauxhawk, earrings, a tattoo, and wearing a "The Darkness" tee might be too much for them. I realize more by the day how much I am not like those around me. How did the ignorant get to be so many and so vocal?