Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update: The headache is mostly gone....

It has been just over two weeks since I began my Androderm treatments. My headache is now completely gone on most days. I do still have to manage old triggers (flashing lights, fluorescent lighting, crowd noises, etc.), but overall my existence is much improved. My facial pain has decreased as well, but still sets in if I get really tired or have not eaten spicy foods enough that day. Capsaicin from hot peppers does still help my facial pain dramatically.

My new found "old self" has inspired me to take a new adventure. I have opened a web store called Cuppa's Coffee & More. It is located at and even though I have not sold much yet I am feeling good about the adventure. Hopefully it will at least supplement my teaching income. If it does really well...who knows where my future may take me. Hopefully that future remains headache free as I continue to supplement my testosterone levels. ~Fred

Monday, April 9, 2012

Update: My neurologist might have been wrong...

Following a visit with my General Practitioner last week, a series of less commonly run blood tests yielded the discovery that my Testosterone was very low. For men of my age my levels should be 348-1198 ng/dL. My level was 270 ng/dL. With this discovery, my doctor is supplementing my testosterone with a product called Androderm. Within 48 hours of beginning treatment my headache and facial pain has both improved drastically. I think it is premature to state that my symptoms are completely gone, but it seems I have found help for my condition. I am feeling a great deal better within just a couple days of treatment. I am still keeping an eye on my exposure to old triggers (crowd noises, flashing lights, fluorescent lights, etc.), but I seem to be on an upswing. I have only had to take one Indocin a day for the past couple of days instead of 3 light I had been. ~Fred