Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supreme Court...what have you done?

I suddenly feel like I am living in a different country. Am I mistaken in believing that we live in a country that is governed for its people by its people? This new judicial review from the conservative justices of the Supreme Court has undone 100 years worth of legislation that has worked to keep foreign and domestic special interests and corporations at bay when it comes to our electoral process. As one with a rational mind I am trying to keep the past few day's events in perspective, but it is difficult. Five individuals have decided that foreign and domestic corporations can have untethered ability to pour their general funds into local, state, and national elections. Am I wrong to feel concern that C-SPAN will soon be airing congressional daily coverage of the Representative from Microsoft or Halliburton instead of a Congress person from one of our 50 states? Additionally, is it unreasonable to think that a local coal company might be going to court for any various case that environmental groups or others might bring against them only to have the judge that is seated on the case in their pocket because they were the highest contributor in the recent local election? Again...trying not to become a wingnut here, but I think the little guy has just been placed on mute. As a Social Studies educator, it is within my field to understand the process of overturning judicial review (the deeming that previous laws are unconstitutional) and I am not sure that our respected gentlemen and ladies are in a place in Washington to amend the Constitution to protect us from this. It is said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think corporations, both foreign and domestic, have just been handed a good dose of power.

Prediction: The Swiftboat and Willie Horton ads of elections past will seem like children's programming as compared to the new political ads we will see in elections to come. Welcome to the Corporate States of America.