Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tossing Words: Year's End

I have learned a lot this year. A lot about hope. A lot about pain. A lot about enjoying the simplest things that we seem to take for granted. I now know that I did not get well this summer. I did not beat Trigeminal Neuralgia with Persistent Headache this past was apparently just on vacation. It has now returned home; for over 2 months now. I must just deal with it.
I have learned much about business, and how difficult it is. How something like making partnerships with the wrong Domain Hosts, or distributors, can lead to a constant headache in a metaphorical state. It is now also known that the only way we can learn that partnerships are bad is by making them...and then liberating yourself from them.
Lastly, I learned that sometimes leaps of faith can pay off. Franklin over at was that leap of faith this past weekend, and it paid off. If you need someone to help you with coding on your Blog...he is the guy to contact. He helped me go out on my own and create my own webstore this weekend instead of relying on poor customer service and limited options at my old Domain/Store Host. Really went above and beyond, and it is appreciated. My store is now working fine, and I am beholden to my old (lame) shop provider no more. Freedom feels nice, unless it goes wrong, then it's just nail-biting. After a few hiccups (user error on my end) the Blogger store template that I got from Franklin is working great, and Cuppa's Coffee and More is up and running again with less overhead as I am not paying $20 a month to my old provider so that they can direct me to FAQs for every little (and BIG) site issue. Thanks Franklin. Though I have known you for a little more than 24 hours (and only as an online business aquaintance), you have done more for me to help my business in one day than others have done when I've paid them monthly for a year. For making the end of my year great, again I say thanks.