Monday, April 9, 2012

Update: My neurologist might have been wrong...

Following a visit with my General Practitioner last week, a series of less commonly run blood tests yielded the discovery that my Testosterone was very low. For men of my age my levels should be 348-1198 ng/dL. My level was 270 ng/dL. With this discovery, my doctor is supplementing my testosterone with a product called Androderm. Within 48 hours of beginning treatment my headache and facial pain has both improved drastically. I think it is premature to state that my symptoms are completely gone, but it seems I have found help for my condition. I am feeling a great deal better within just a couple days of treatment. I am still keeping an eye on my exposure to old triggers (crowd noises, flashing lights, fluorescent lights, etc.), but I seem to be on an upswing. I have only had to take one Indocin a day for the past couple of days instead of 3 light I had been. ~Fred

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