Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here are the results of my personality test for the 6305 course:

ENTJ - "Field Marshall". The basic driving force and need is to lead. Tend to seek a position of responsibility and enjoys being an executive. 1.8% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

For the most part I think this is accurate (in my humble opinion). I might differ slightly with the "need to lead" aspect. I can follow almost as easily. Initially, I do not think of myself as "executive", but looking back...almost every employment position I have ever left was due to no room for advancement. If it was a quasi-leadership position, upon reflection I often felt that management was not open to new ideas even if proof could be shown that the new way would work better than current agendas and operations.

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