Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spreadsheet Integration Assignment - First Entry

Excel Spreadsheet Template: Click Here

Lesson Plan: Click Here

Student Worksheet: Click Here

This went really well, assuming my understanding of the parameters of this Integration assignment are correct. It was nice to put all of this information together (lesson, CSOs, ISTE|NETS, Excel) into a cohesive piece that one could technically use in their content field. Realistically, getting use of the computer lab at the middle school where I am observing is not easy. In fact, just this week...my cooperating teacher had to change his lesson plans to something less "techy" as he only has 4 PCs in his room and the labs were not available for the next week and a half. In other schools this may not be an issue, but it has been the case with both schools in which I have observed. Additionally, when the lab times are in conflict, it seems that Social Studies does not win out as compared to the Science and English classes needs for the lab (that has been my understanding anyhow).

I will not detail my lesson in this blog post too much it is highly detailed in the links for the lesson plan and worksheet. Perhaps my worksheet is too detailed, I am not sure, but I did make this lesson for 8th graders. I am not sure there can ever be too much detail with middle school students...there will always be questions that the worksheet and my preparatory instructions will not cover.

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