Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spreadsheet 2 Assignment

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I think I said this last time, but "Wow!I did not have a great time with this". I know it is showing my age (as Mark R. pointed out), but the last computer class I had was at Fairmont State "College" in 1998 on a Windows 3.1 PC. I believe we did not even use Excel...I think it was Lotus. Overall, the spreadsheet was not too bad. I had some trouble with the COUNTIF function. Special thanks to Mark R. for allowing me to pick his brain on that portion of the assignment. I think my primary difficulty was that my software is Excel 2007 and not the older version. I now understand why the COUNTIF command is needed to convert the grade letter information into percentages to be used on the chart. All of the tutorials an online help sites I found were for 97-2003. Oh well, lesson learned, new tool acquired.

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