Sunday, October 23, 2011

Headache Diary Day 46: Nearly Pain-free

Better timing helped me to awake headache-free today. This afternoon, while attending a birthday party with my daughter, the nose tingling and lip numbness arrived at about 6 1/2 hours into my morning dose of Indomethacin. By the time I got us home from the party and ate a bite so as to not take the medicine on an empty stomach, it had passed the 8 hour mark and my unilateral headache without side shift had returned in full force. The medicine did not initially knock it this time, but I was able to get fully rid of it by napping for about an hour or so. Talking about my headache every day, or lack thereof, seems odd to me though I realize the importance of it. "Tossing Words" was not ever intended to be the public personal diary of a headache sufferer, but as this Blogger's life has taken the shift from being someone who is rarely sick to someone with a changes the Blog. I do not pretend to have many readers anyhow, maybe I am wrong about that, but I want to write about this as a testament to myself as to monitor my own condition and hopefully to help others. Had I allowed it and not self-advocated, who knows how many expensive and unnecessary paths my neurologist might have taken me down? He and my personal doctor were so sure this was a normal migraine and kept throwing things at it that work for normal migraine sufferers and everything failed. I am appreciative that he indulged my request to try Indomethacin before trying an uber expensive treatment like Amerge that would have, as it appears, left me still counting the days of an unrelenting right-side headache with an even emptier wallet than usual instead of monitoring a medication that actually helps me. I am generally not one to bandwagon along with people who self-diagnose conditions. I have always seen the value in the knowledge obtained through years of medical school, but this time the internet research of a layman (me) paid off.

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