Saturday, October 29, 2011

Headache Diary Day 52: Sleeping In = Throbbing Skull

I finally got to sleep in this morning after running around every day last weekend and then teaching all week. In doing so, I slept 3 hours past my 6am dose of Indomethacin and awoke to a throbbing head on the right side. This only re-affirms to me that this is a permanent condition (Hemicrania Continua). Since the headache was took a couple of hours for it to go away entirely. That stated, the Indomethacin did its job once more and masked the headache until about 30 minutes from my next dose eight hours later. Will be up until about 1am tonight as my sleeping in got my schedule off routine for my medicine. Guess this is one way that this headache continues to run my life as of late. My schedule of waking and sleeping coincides with the 8 hour doses of the only medicine that has brought me any relief.

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