Thursday, November 3, 2011

Headache Diary Day 57: Side Effects Include Pirate Swagger

Had a wild ride today on the Zonegran. Suffice to say I know how Jack Sparrow sees the world w/o the Rum. Headache was full-blown all day, I had all kinds of swagger (felt like sea legs), hands kept turning bleu and getting cold. After three attempts I got ahold of my Neurologist's nurse who confirmed with the doctor that I am to take no more Zonegran. It was somehow overriding the Indomethacin. What a kids were all great today though. Toughed out the school day. It is now after 6PM and the Zonegran appears to have entirely worn off. The Indomethacin is now working again and my headache has subsided. I still feel a little wobbly, but I am sure that will get better as well.

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