Monday, November 7, 2011

Headache Diary Day 61: Home Again Home Again...

I have been out of town for the couple of days and have not blogged...mainly because I have been busy and not in too much pain. That is in no way meant to suggest that my headache is gone. This is day 61. I have crossed the two month threshold. People mentioned that I looked better this weekend than when they had seen me a month ago. One word answers that: Indomethacin. When I am able to take it, alone, every 8 hours everything is absolutely manageable. If I miss/delay a dose I know very quickly. Last night, for example, I fell asleep in my hotel room whilst working on a Graduate course I am taking. I was late for a dose when I woke up and boy did I notice. I hate that it sounds like I am dependent on this prescription in order to function, but it makes SUCH a difference. I am good at the moment. It is 7pm and my face is starting to get that numb sensation that I get before it is time for another dose. 7pm is a bit earlier than usual, wonder what the headache would feel like right now if it weren't being masked?

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