Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Headache Diary Day 69: Headache This Evening

Well, the headache was strong enough to push through the Indomethacin this evening. I was able to make it until about 8pm, at which point I felt that sleep would be the only thing that might fix my headache. Time was I could lay down when I had a headache and wake up in an hour or so and feel great. That was pre-onset some 69 days ago. This right side headache is so stubborn, so...Ugh. Suffice it to say I went to sleep with my head throbbing and woke up after it was time for my evening dose. Headache. Ever-present, more stubborn than I am, headache. I have now taken my evening dose late, but given the strength of this thing this evening I am not sure I will see relief before morning. I hope this is just a fluke and I am not developing a tolerance to the Indomethacin already. I have read that some people with Hemicrania Continua develop a tolerance to the only medication that treats it and eventually max out on the dosage. At that point it will do them no more good and the headache is untreatable. Someone said to me today that that will not happen, doctors and pharma people will make sure that there is another treatment or drug for this disorder. I think that is very wishful thinking from someone who does not have this. In all honesty there are far worse conditions that do not get adequate research to find a treatment and a cure. I am not sure that this one has anyone's priority. *Sigh*

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