Sunday, November 13, 2011

Headache Diary Day 67: To Sleep, Per Chance to Dream

I have slept so much this weekend...and accomplished nothing. Though I have nothing due yet, I should have been reading for my graduate course. I should have been grafing papers, but instead I slept a lot and thought a lot. I have no doubt that lessening stress might alleviate temptation for some of the triggers for the sometimes acute exacerbations that I have as overtones to this seemingly never-ending  right-side headache. That stated, I cannot see my current life choices and occupation yielding a less stressful existence. When thinking lately about what would make me happy and less stressed (though there is no indicator that stress is a factor for hemicrania continua), contemplating education and the forseeable future of it is nonresultant in a less stressful outlook. Finding motivation to plan and grade gets more and more difficult. There is no doubt that I can teach...the ones that want to learn, but that chunk of the school population seems to get less and less in number by the year. I have no answers right now...about anything...which only adds frustration. I have been dreaming of opening a shop, but I am not sure that is advisable or possible in our current economy. Sleeping seems to increase my headache and my answers.

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