Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Image from Scratch

Well, here's me in 5 lines. Really lets one see what they admire about their features when you can only use 5 lines.


I accomplished this feat of artistry *grins* using Microsoft Paint on my PC. As I mentioned earlier it is interesting to only be able to describe yourself in 5 lines. I used the brush tool and custom colors as I did not like the standard ones. I blew the image up about 600% so that I could very easily control the mouse. Upon completion I saved it as a .jpg file. I chose a jpeg format because the compression rate is higher, but the image size (4.6 KB) is smaller than that of a file in BMP (bitmap) format and has a higher resolution.

I then utilized the software from the site to upload it to my photostream. From there I selected the photo of Myself in 5 lines and copied the HTML code that accompanies the image. I then posted that code into my blog (above) thus producing the image for this post.

I could see Educational applications for similar file types. For example, one could request their students to gather images from the internet or their PC and make a collage based on some historic theme.


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