Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Online Graph II

This is my online graph depicting the amount of students with IEPs in the 5 poorest states (including WV) based on Per Capita Income. I do not think that this table correlates much. There are too many variables that cannot be expressed in this chart. For example, Kentucky has the highest Per Capita Income and by far the highest number of students with IEPs, but they expend less money on students per head in Kentucky at $7726 than we do in West Virginia at $9465 per student. Kentucky has a higher student population, higher Per Capita income, yet West Virginia has a higher percentage of students with IEPs. They even have a similar student to teacher ratio with WV having 14:1 and KY having 16:1. I think this more shows that one can display any kind of figure on a chart, it looks impressive, but may not say that much.

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