Sunday, October 12, 2008

Module 2 Reflection

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This was an interesting assignment. I am usually perfectly at home writing papers. I typically consider myself quite good at it to be honest. This paper, however, presented some (possibly self-manifested)challenges. I did not find the reflection to be too difficult, though it was a bit tasking to go back several weeks to review all assignments for this module. The part I found difficult, and again it may have been self-manifested, was the personal reflection format whilst using formal voice. Formal voice, as I understand it, usually involves using things like "one" rather than "I" or "me". I did that quite a lot, but found it too difficult in some instances to properly get my point across and reflect on the module without using "I" or "me". Hopefully I have answered the questions well enough and formatted my paper well enough. I am eager to take what I have learned from this module and move on to new and different things.

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